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Ivan Perez

Introductory Slides The CRIX Team 2019


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CRIX – or Evaluating Blockchain-Based Currencies
Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Simon Trimborn 2015

Investing with Cryptocurrencies - A Liquidity Constrained Investment Approach
Simon Trimborn, Mingyang Li, Wolfgang Karl Härdle 2017
CRIX – an Index for Crypto-Currencies
Simon Trimborn, Wolfgang Karl Härdle 2018

Investing with Crypto-Currencies – Evaluating the Potential of Portfolio Allocation Strategies
Alla Petukhina, Simon Trimborn, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Hermann Elendner 2018

Pricing Cryptocurrency Options: The Case of CRIX and Bitcoin
Cathy YH Chen, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Ai Jun Hou, Weining Wang 2018
Econometric Analysis of a Cryptocurrency Index for Portfolio Investment Shi Chen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Teik Ming Lee, Bobby Ong 2018
The Cross-Section of Crypto-Currencies as Financial Assets: Investing in Crypto-Currencies Beyond Bitcoin Hermann Elendner, Simon Trimborn, Bobby Ong, Teik Ming Lee 2018
VCRIX - A Volatility Index for Crypto-Currencies Alisa Kim, Simon Trimborn, Wolfgang Karl Härdle 2019

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