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The CRIX is a market index and follows the Laspeyres derivation


with Pit the price of the crypto i at time point t and Qi0 the amount of crypto at time point 0. Pi0 is the price at time point 0. The CRIX is a slight modification


where MVit is the market capitalization of the crypto i at time point t. The Divisor ensures that the changes are stable. For CRIX, the Divisor is chosen such that 

The starting value of the CRIX is therefore 1000. Whenever the amount of coins of a crypto changes, the Divisor is adjusted. This ensures that solely price changes cause CRIX changes 

Divisort-1 is the Divisor before the change in the amount of coins and Divisort directly afterwards.

Constituents rule: It may happen, that a crypto has a high market capitalization, but if it is not traded frequently. Two measures are applied which are modified versions of the liquidity rules from the STOXX Japan 600 and the AEX Family. The applied rules are the following:

  1. 0.25 percentile of ADTV 

where ADTV0.25 is the 0.25 percentile of the ADTV distribution of all cryptos in the last period and ADTVi is the ADTV of a single crypto.

  1. 0.25 percentile of Average Daily Traded Coins (ADTC

where ADTC0.25 is the 0.25 percentile of the ADTCs of all cryptos in the last period and ADTCi is the ADTC of a single crypto.

If a crypto fulfills at least one of the two rules, it is eligible for the set of constituents of the CRIX.

Number of Constituents

A fixed number of constituents may be a good approach for relatively stable markets. For CRIX, AIC and BIC are employed. First by applying the CRIX formula an index for the total market  is calculated. Next several indices with different numbers of constituents are computed. The number of constituents is then determined via AIC respectively BIC. 


Each cryptos in CRIX is weighted with its market capitalization.


The reallocation period of the CRIX is 1 month. At this time point the liquidity will be checked again.

Every 3 month the number of constituents are rechecked.

Special Events

  1. If the current price for a constituent of CRIX is not available at the corresponding exchanges the CRIX is made insensitive to this

  2. If a constituent of CRIX vanished then it is excluded at the next reallocation date.


VCRIX (based on CRIX) is a volatility index, able to grasp the risk induced by the crypto-currency market, much like VIX for the S&P components. The crypto ‘fear index’ addresses the limitations constituted by the absence of developed derivative market for cryptos and offers an adequate measure for implied volatility, thus proved to be a proper basis for option pricing.

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